Screen Printing Types


The fastest and easiest screen printed transfer to apply.

The best selling screen printing we have to offer! Goof Proof is versatile, durable, and offers superior opacity on any color apparel.


A low-temperature application alternative.

Polytrans uses the Goof Proof® ink formula and applies at a lower temperature to prevent ink migration of multi-color screen printed transfers.


Screen printed transfers with a softer feel.

This plastisol transfer is printed without adhesive, instead using inks that will melt into the fabric giving the softest, lightest feel of our product line.


Ideal for heat-sensitive, stretchable polyester fabrics.

Designed to apply at low heat for use on performance fabrics, such as Under Armour® and other moisture-wicking apparel


The latest trend in screen printed transfers.

Glitter screen printed transfers add sparkle to your design and can be applied to any color apparel.


Create 3-D raised effect.

When applied with a heat press, puff ink gives the design a unique raised look and feel.


Turn the lights out and illuminate the room with the glow of these custom screen printed transfers. Perfect for Halloween, birthday parties, bands, or any group or event that wants its message to be seen, even in the dark.

  • Appears as frosted, off-white in daylight; glows a brilliant green in the dark.
  • Works best on dark apparel.


Pearl Prints screen printed plastisol transfers come in soft metallic fashion colors and have a durable adhesive.

  • Great for adding sheen to one-color transfers for spirit wear, dance, cheer, holiday, and specialty items.
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